Each year, we come together and recognize those clients, partners and friends who make our work so special. You are the company you keep. We are grateful to be surrounded by such talented people who live our GOEI mantra every day.


GOEI UP Recipients

GOEI UP and “Take Risks”


GOEI UP and “Unlock Potential”

Schaffer Consulting

GOEI UP and “Elevate Humanity”

Conscious Capitalism NY

GOEI UP and “Live Your Brand”

W Services Group

GOEI UP and “Blaze a Trail”

Ellen Cotter, Reading International

GOEI UP and “Lead with your Heart”

Terri Moore, Reading International


GOEI UP Recipients

GOEI UP and “Live the Dream”

Pinnacle Rock Facility Solutions

GOEI UP and “Think Outside the Box”


GOEI UP and “Pull the Trigger”

Facilities Exchange

GOEI UP and “Change the World”


GOEI UP and “Build a Community”


GOEI UP and “Tell Your Story”

Kyle Arnett

GOEI UP and “Drive Your Mission”

R&R Creative